Security & VPN Solutions

Mictel Solutions is focused on providing the highest quality data Products and Services for our corporate clients. Our Clients typically choose a main Private IP data network and Internet services and then add complimentary services such as network backup and data storage facilities.

Mictel Solutions are also able to offer complete turnkey application solutions whereby the clients application operates in our central data facility and complete services are then delivered to each branch and Head Office location, via the Private Network.

A VPN connection provides a secure connection between your offices, encrypting data passing over the internet while making the remote location appear to be directly located to the local network.

The 'head office' will, in most situations, need to be able to handle more traffic then the other sites. Usually the remote offices will be connecting to it and each accessing the main systems and applications which are running from there.


  • Enable users to access apps from home or on the go
  • Securely connect several sites
  • Easier deployment and maintenance
  • Web-based access without need for client software
  • SSL Tunneling
  • Firewall and intrusion prevention
  • Centralized management