Migration & Consolidation Solutions

The decision to move from one platform to another; or to unify an office full of IT equipment can be challenging as well as financially draining on your business. Our Migration/Consolidation solutions offer you a complete package which takes the burden away from you.

At Mictel Solutions we know that server consolidation solutions entail much more than simply restructuring systems. We believe that, in order to maximize productivity and minimize total cost of ownership (TCO), our clients need custom-made solutions that comprise not only the best hardware, software, and services, but also the best practices. To that end, we help simplify and optimize IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, databases, applications, networks, and systems management processes.

Simply stated, we are in the business of making our clients' businesses better:

  • Optimize existing IT infrastructure
  • Enhance manageability
  • Curb operational costs
  • Reduce complexity
  • Maximize productivity

The Migration/Consolidation solutions allow for all the other associated costs to be included on the lease; i.e. hardware, software, training, installation, maintenance, services etc.