Active Directory Solutions

Microsoft Active Directory is an integral part of Windows infrastructure and networking, and has become a ubiquitous and irreplaceable component within many corporate IT environments. Active Directory is now a mature, well established LDAP type technology that has proven to be highly scalable and secure. Its incorporation of enterprise technologies such as Kerberos for single-sign-on authentication within the domain environment, and its Group Policy support extend its value beyond a simple LDAP Directory. However, much of this additional power and flexibility also opens the door to a number of basic administration and integration problems that can make life very difficult for the Active Directory administrator.

Common problems include schema changes, setting up trust relationships to enable authentication across domains, handling SSL/TLS and the performance hit that it has on Active Directory services, and integrating applications that are not capable of using Kerberos to authenticate within the domain infrastructure.

Mictel Solutions delivers secure management for Active Directory and unique solutions for automation and provisioning, compliance and audits, security, disaster recovery, mergers and acquisitions, and directory consolidation with Unix, Linux, Mac, Java and certain business applications.

Comprehensive feature set covers each major area of AD administration, reducing costs and raising productivity:
•Centralized Event Auditing
•Group Policy Management
•Policy-based Delegation for department and junior administrators
•Task-specific Web interfaces
•Change Approval with options for Automated User Provisioning and User Self-Service
•Visual Health Monitoring
•Problem Diagnosis and Troubleshooting tools
•Performance Optimization