Cabling Services

Mictel Solutions provides companies with everything needed for a complete cabling infrastructure. This includes the cable, the jacks, the patch panels and the voice termination field. We also provide and install open racks, server racks, cable sleeves and cable ladder for wiring closets and server rooms. And we're happy to share some of our knowledge and experience.

Structured cabling is the physical transfer environment (cables, patch-panels, connectors, etc.) upon which a facilities’ network relies for internal and external communication. The value of a network is underpinned by the quality of its cabling system. Properly organizing and mapping several distinct wiring systems such as those used for access control, data centers, and workspace is essential for creating a single, fully integrated network. This creates a robust, yet flexible system that preserves the ability to easily expand as network requirements increase. Our engineers are certified by top vendors and work closely with our experienced wiring specialists to design and install Category 5e, Category 6/a, and Category 7 cable systems.

In addition, we also agree to perform all projects in the most cost efficient, timely, and professional manner available.