Backup & Archiving

You can't generate revenue unless your business is up and running. With Mictel Solutions business continuity solutions, you can quickly get back to business in the event of a system failure or local site or regional disaster. Our solutions help you maintain application availability across a broad spectrum of recovery point and recovery time requirements during planned and unplanned downtime.

With our business continuity solutions, you can lower the overall cost of high availability and disaster recovery. Integration with reduplication helps increase your network and storage efficiency and enhances performance. Ease of administration provides added operational efficiency that enables you to do to more with less.

Almost all organizations rely in some part on IT technology as a business critical resource. A disruption to the availability of any of these resources, even for a few hours, can have serious consequences on their ability to function at normal capacity. As a result, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) are always amongst the top priorities in any organization.

For these customers, and others like them, archiving is not an “offline” process where data is moved to a tape and stored on a shelf. Instead it is an “online / active” process where data is stored in a repository that can be accessed at will for repurposing and revenue generation. To this end, a good archiving strategy provides four key features:

•  Moves files to lower cost tiers of storage - including tape for maximum cost control

•  Allows files to be accessed on-demand for revenue generating activities

•  Hides the movement of files so that users do not have to search for data

•  Protects and safeguards content as it is moved, so no data is accidentally lost

Combined, these four functions allow customers to manage the cost of growing data repositories without sacrificing or complicating access to data.