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The enterprise Billing and Inventory Management software is the latest accounting program, with Barcode support, to solve your complex and complicated financial tasks in an easy and efficient way. The computerize billing program has prominent tools, used to manage and maintain the overall organizational Billing records, Stock/Inventory details, Tax type records, Voucher entries, Sale/Purchase order record, income, expenses, employees details, clients record, company profile and similar financial tasks. Automated billing software package accurately calculates the general ledgers including Balance sheets, Trial balance, Financial Bills and Profit/Loss details.

With an exclusive barcode generating feature the advanced financial accounting utility facilitates an easy and time saving item recognition and data fetching process (in case of preparing sale and purchase order) and thus enhances your business security. The inventory and invoice managing wizard provides clear and precise accounting reports which are helpful for reviewing the annual financial transactions of your business enterprises. The end to end business management application is a reliable and professional accounting program and an ultimate solution for the tedious and time consuming paper-pen financial tasks. The easy accounting software has an intuitive graphical interface and has exclusive do-it-yourself feature.


Accounting transactions  
محاسبة المعاملات
Account Statement  
كشف حساب
Accounting journal  
Accounting transactions  
التدفق النقدي
Cash Flow    
Create purchase orders  
خلق أوامر الشراء
Income statement  
بيان الدخل
Item card    
Manage customer, vendor, and employee data   إدارة العملاء ، والموردين ، وبيانات الموظفين
Multi currency situation  
متعدد العملات
Payment voucher  
قسائم الدفع
Receipts voucher  
قسائم الاصالات
Set reorder points  
تعيين نقاط ترتيب
Track inventory  
تتبع المخزون
Track sales & customer payments  
تتبع المبيعات ومدفوعات الزبائن
Transfer of items  
نقل الأصناف
Yearly sales report  
تقرير المبيعات السنوية

System Requirements

MS Accounting Software utility requires minimum system requirements for proper software functioning.

Operating System:

  • Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
  • Windows NT Server, Windows NT Workstation
  • Windows XP (Professional Edition, Home Edition, Tablet PC Edition, Media Center Edition)

Processor Class:

  • Pentium or equivalent processor

Memory Space:

  • 512 MB RAM recommended
  • 55 MB free hard disk space