2X Software is a company developing software for the booming server-based computing market. Thin client computing controls spiraling PC management costs, centralizes application and desktop management, improves security and performance and allows users to work remotely.

The company's product line includes: 2X ThinClientServer for Windows and Linux: the solution for central deployment, configuration and management of thin clients and user's connection settings; 2X ApplicationServer for Terminal Services: tunnels any Windows application onto remote desktops and saves on administration & support; 2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services: provides load balancing, increased security and redundancy for your Terminal Servers; and 2X VirtualDesktopServer: Publish virtual desktops and applications, rather than installing locally.

There are listed the 2X Products :

  • Centrally manage and run virtual applications and desktops on Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Supports: VMware, Sun VirtualBox, MS Virtual Server, MS Hyper-V, Virtual Iron, Parallels and MS Terminal Server
  • Eliminate fat client management and save on administration


  • Secure access to applications, desktops and files from anywhere
  • Publish applications seamless to local Win, Linux, Mac desktops
  • Centrally manage and administer applications updates and rights


  • Resource based Windows Terminal Server and CITRIX load balancing
  • Reconnects users to disconnected sessions
  • Connects clients securely, firewall friendly using SSL encryption


  • Vendor independent Thin Client OS & Manager for any Thin Client & PC
  • Connects Thin Clients to Microsoft Terminal Services, CITRIX and Virtual Desktops
  • Supports PXE, LAN, USB, CDROM & local hard disk boot for all network clients